Stand out with your Brand Out.

Every marketing-guru has a different definition of what  “brand” is and what is takes to make a brand stand out. To be fair most definitions are correct because we each define what things mean to us (a lot to think about.. eh?).

Anytime that we have ever gotten major attention or gone viral it is because someone liked how crazy we were or could relate to the story that we told. When we were gearing up for an event with Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson I decided to buy an astronaut costume and go up and down Main Street promoting a press conference that was to announce his appearance. Sir Richard is about to commercialize space-travel so we saw this as a great fit. The reaction? SHOCK – and the best attended press conference at the venue in a long time.

Apart from that – we ended up landing the cover of a prestigious business magazine for being so “entrepreneurial” and for disrupting the normal way of doing things. It was #awesome.

The truth is – we are all a brand. Whether we work for someone else or for our own our company we are (especially with social media) always being watched. We are our own brand every moment of our lives. A bad day is bad for the brand. The good news? You can evolve your brand each and everyday. The trick is to know what you want your brand to stand for (you already do) and live that every single day.






About bradleblanc

Brad LeBlanc is an individual who encompasses the spirit of entrepreneurship and is about as unconventional as they come. Sometimes defined as a black sheep, a lone wolf or simply as crazy. He possesses a thirst for the impossible, and thrives off pushing boundaries, limits and challenging the laws of normality. At the tender age of 22, he is a serial entrepreneur who has received awards in business management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He has been featured the covers of business magazines and in print, television and social media. Known as a disruptor, you either love him or hate him but either way, you respect his ambition, tenacity and energy. He has learned from and worked with some of the worlds greatest including Sir Richard Brandon, Gene Simmons, Clara Hughes, Kevin O'Leary and many others. He has driven an excess of $1M in revenues through his diverse ventures and is always on the hunt for new and exciting opportunities. He couldn't live further out of the box and spends every hour of every day doing things differently. He has spoken in front of crowds from 30 to 5000 and is known as a captivating, emotional and thought provoking speaker. View all posts by bradleblanc

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