Expressing Gratitude

I am so fortunate. I have been blessed with awesome parents (I was adopted btw.), phenomenal friends, an amazing team, fantastic customers, and great mentors. It is SO important to express gratitude and it is something I work on every day. Sometimes we feel entitled to things (help, support, customers, love, money etc.) but we are so not. That’s why gratitude is important.

Technology is great but nothing replaces a phone call, hand written note, or pop-in coffee to say “thank-you” to those who help you.

Check this out – it’s the gratitude dance!

I have personally been helped many times – but I didn’t know it at the time. It was some tough love. Sometimes REALLY tough love… but I look back and know today that those people were only trying to help. Many of you are reading this – so thank-you again.



About bradleblanc

Brad LeBlanc is an individual who encompasses the spirit of entrepreneurship and is about as unconventional as they come. Sometimes defined as a black sheep, a lone wolf or simply as crazy. He possesses a thirst for the impossible, and thrives off pushing boundaries, limits and challenging the laws of normality. At the tender age of 22, he is a serial entrepreneur who has received awards in business management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He has been featured the covers of business magazines and in print, television and social media. Known as a disruptor, you either love him or hate him but either way, you respect his ambition, tenacity and energy. He has learned from and worked with some of the worlds greatest including Sir Richard Brandon, Gene Simmons, Clara Hughes, Kevin O'Leary and many others. He has driven an excess of $1M in revenues through his diverse ventures and is always on the hunt for new and exciting opportunities. He couldn't live further out of the box and spends every hour of every day doing things differently. He has spoken in front of crowds from 30 to 5000 and is known as a captivating, emotional and thought provoking speaker. View all posts by bradleblanc

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