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Expressing Gratitude

I am so fortunate. I have been blessed with awesome parents (I was adopted btw.), phenomenal friends, an amazing team, fantastic customers, and great mentors. It is SO important to express gratitude and it is something I work on every day. Sometimes we feel entitled to things (help, support, customers, love, money etc.) but we are so not. That’s why gratitude is important.

Technology is great but nothing replaces a phone call, hand written note, or pop-in coffee to say “thank-you” to those who help you.

Check this out – it’s the gratitude dance!

I have personally been helped many times – but I didn’t know it at the time. It was some tough love. Sometimes REALLY tough love… but I look back and know today that those people were only trying to help. Many of you are reading this – so thank-you again.


Everyone is a VIP

In the days of social media – customer service is more important than ever. We know that we need to treat everyone well but our philosophy is to treat everybody like a rockstar. Whether they are suppliers, customers, or speakers we feel as though everybody is a VIP. Aren’t you Very Important? I think so.

We noticed something when we started doing this… People began to LOVE doing business with us. Whether it was hiring a fleet of fake paparazzi for a VIP event or just sending them information before everyone knew about our big announcements – loyalty and love grew for what we did.

Gary Vaynerchuk (awesome speaker, author, entrepreneur) hit this point home with me when I wrote him an email…. and HE responded. The guys must get hundreds if not thousands of emails a day. It wasn’t an autoreply – it wasn’t someone on behalf of him or from his office. It was him. It was easy to tell because grammar or spelling didn’t matter and he wrote the say way in which he speaks – no way could it have been mocked. I was looking for some advice – what did he say? It was simple… DO RIGHT BY PEOPLE – he means everyone. So – we changed our policies and now everyone we interact with (including you) is a rockstar!  Here is my favourite @garyvee video for you to enjoy:

Here is one of our FREE afterparty’s – our clients love these. They end up being even more popular than the big events that we host.

Did you notice that Kevin O’leary (Dragons Den & Shark Tank) said he has a “great time”.

It’s a privilege to know you.

Stand out with your Brand Out.

Every marketing-guru has a different definition of what  “brand” is and what is takes to make a brand stand out. To be fair most definitions are correct because we each define what things mean to us (a lot to think about.. eh?).

Anytime that we have ever gotten major attention or gone viral it is because someone liked how crazy we were or could relate to the story that we told. When we were gearing up for an event with Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson I decided to buy an astronaut costume and go up and down Main Street promoting a press conference that was to announce his appearance. Sir Richard is about to commercialize space-travel so we saw this as a great fit. The reaction? SHOCK – and the best attended press conference at the venue in a long time.

Apart from that – we ended up landing the cover of a prestigious business magazine for being so “entrepreneurial” and for disrupting the normal way of doing things. It was #awesome.

The truth is – we are all a brand. Whether we work for someone else or for our own our company we are (especially with social media) always being watched. We are our own brand every moment of our lives. A bad day is bad for the brand. The good news? You can evolve your brand each and everyday. The trick is to know what you want your brand to stand for (you already do) and live that every single day.





What I learned from Gene Simmons

My company recently hosted an event called “The Atlantic Brand Confabulation” in Eastern Canada. We brought mastermind-marketer Gene Simmons (KISS) in as our keynote speaker. His flight into Moncton, NB was cancelled because of the snow storm so Henry (the brains behind Momentum) and I drove 2 hours in the storm to pick him up at an alternate airport.

If you watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels you might think that it is all scripted…. It’s not. What I can tell you is that Gene & partner Shannon Tweed are exactly the same in person. They are both incredibly intelligent, fun, caring, and disruptive people. We stopped at a new gourmet burger joint after the red-eye flight and had an awesome opportunity to get to know them.

Gene had an array of awesome messages. What really wowed the crowd at the event is when (half-way through his time) he left the stage to wander through the crowd and answer questions from businesspeople, entrepreneurs, kiss fans and everyone in between. I have even more respect for Gene & Shannon then I did before I met them.

His key messages:

Do whatever you can to stand out


Fame is a full time job


If you want to know more – you’ll just have to go an event he’s speaking at. Totally worth the investment.

On that note – I need to go rock and roll all night…. and work my tush off every day.


A waste of time.

I’ve just finished reading REWORK by the guys at 37Signals. All I can say is WOW. We spend a ton of time wasting time.  This book has transformed my outlook on how I run my companies and my life. It has great insight into leadership, hiring, and getting things done.

Not a Waste of Time

You need to read this book. You’ll achieve your dreams in half the time and lower your stress level immensely.

Hope you enjoy.


Thanks for Reading!

A quick note of thanks for reading my Blog. It’s my hope that this blog provides you with inspiration, entertainment, and emotion. I’m always biting off more than I can chew and am always up for a new adventure. If you find something that I post that you enjoy please let me know (or at least share it).

If there’s anything you’d like to see me post – I’m open!

Enjoy the adventures.

PS. My favourite thing to do in the world is SPEAK. I love conferences, events, tradeshows and all of that great stuff. Would love to speak at your event – reach out.